4 Simple Ways to Brand Your Workspace

by Brandfolder

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We all know what it’s like to walk into a dentist’s office—the pristine white walls and clean smell create a sense of unease that makes us weary. That’s because when it comes to the office environment, appearances matter. An on-brand workspace can help employees embody a brand identity so they can better communicate it to customers and visitors alike.

Whether you’re moving into a new office or simply want to add some spice to your space, these companies show how to creatively incorporate brand elements into any work environment.

  1. Google: Communicate With Color Every brand comes with a set of key colors, but few companies get creative with those colors in their workspace. Take a look at Google’s bicycles. Employees use them to ride between the company’s campuses and reinforce the brand’s signature colors as they go. This helps Google create a memorable connection with local residents while solidifying itself as a fun, lighthearted brand.

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  1. Soundwall: Sound it Out Incorporating music into your office space can help create the perfect on-brand office atmosphere. Singing your brand’s tune has gotten a lot easier with Soundwall, the customizable art canvas that doubles as a high-quality wireless speaker. Mobile data collection company Go Spot Check customized their Soundwall with an artistic version of their logo, but that’s just one idea–the possibilities are endless.


  1. Wilson Sporting Goods: Perfect Product Placement Who says that footballs can’t be used for decoration? An innovative use of your product can help communicate your company’s core values. Take a look at the Wilson Sporting Goods office, which boasts a tennis ball chandelier and a football pyramid to help channel the energy and teamwork of professional sports players.

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  1. HubSpot: Location as Inspiration Just because your services reach a global scale doesn’t mean you can’t take pride in your home city. For example, Boston-based HubSpot named its different office areas after iconic Boston neighborhoods such as Charleston and Fenway. The idea behind HubSpot’s location-themed office is to help incorporate everyday life into the office so that employees can embody the comfortable, user-friendly experience the software platform provides.