7 Successful B2B Brands on Instagram & Why They Work

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They say a picture is worth 1,000 words.

Looking at the massively popular photo-based social platform, Instagram, it’s hard to disagree. With over 300 million active users a month, and an average engagement rate that overshadows Twitter’s by a mile, the proof is in the photo.

Which is why smart business-to-business brands should take advantage of all the traction the photo-sharing app is seeing. Even despite the fact that Instagram is usually thought of as a platform for business-to-consumer brands.

Today, we’re taking a look at seven of the best B2B brands on Instagram. We’ll discuss who they are, why they’re successful on Instagram, and show you their most engaged with photo.

But Jae, how can you possibly dictate what is “best”?

Luckily for me, Jeffrey Cohen from Social Media B2B used a nifty formula to create an awesome 10 best B2B Instagram Profiles post last year. I borrowed that to calculated the average engagement rate of the last nine posts from each brand. It breaks down to the average amount of likes and comments per post, divided by the amount of followers.

So without further ado, I give you… seven successful B2B brands on Instagram and why they work.

1. Buffer

141 posts 3,374 followers 94 following

Who they are: A startup and social media management tool who prides itself on positivity, transparency, and self-improvement.

Why they work: Buffer has a cult-like following for a reason. Their account showcases the brand by highlighting their specific company culture and values (such as the freedom to work remotely and a focus on self-improvement), new features, and overall shenanigans.

Most engaged with post:


__2. Zendesk__

566 posts 2696 followers 215 following

Who They Are: A cloud-based customer service software that focuses on increasing customer satisfaction and building meaningful customer relationships.

Why They Work: It’s all about people. From the many pictures of their fun-loving employees, to the relationship-building events, to posts that show them giving back to the community, it all ties back to connecting with people.

Most engaged with post:


__3. MailChimp __

280 posts 19.4 followers 0 following

Who They Are: The fun-loving email service with a hat-wearing monkey, Freddy, as its mascot. They have one simple mission: send better email.

Why They Work: One glance at the MailChimp account and three characteristics immediately come to mind: vibrant, colorful, and whimsical. MailChimp shows you what it’s like on the monkey-side of life: from a #MeetMailChimp mini series to highlight employees, to photos of awesome people, to creative ways to show off new features. They’ve brought a little mischief and wonder to a product that nowadays, most people dread. Also, they’ve managed to pull off the coveted “0 following” status.

Most engaged with post:


__4. Hootsuite__

776 posts 13.3K followers 3,245 following

Who They Are: The original social media management tool founded by social media guru, Ryan Holmes. And whose mascot is, you guessed it, an owl.

Why They Work: With Owly as their mascot, how could Hootsuite not be fun-loving and smart? Their account does a great job of showcasing social proof with big name clients, showing off the employee-focused company culture, and incorporating adorable dog photos.

Most engaged with post:


__5. Canva__

453 posts 20K followers 1,113 following

Who They Are: The über user-friendly, online design tool that notably has Guy Kawasaki as its Chief Evangelist.

Why They Work: If most people are visual learners, then Canva’s Instagram makes it incredibly easy to learn what they’re about. It’s visual, design-focused, and above all else, inspirational.

Most engaged with post:


6. LinkedIn

251 posts 48.5k followers 5 following

Who They Are: The world’s largest professional social media platform. This is the hub for all things work-related; from job listings, to career advice, to industry leader think pieces.

Why They Work: When something can educate and inspire you, it’s a beautiful thing. LinkedIn’s Instagram shows you they care about you as a new-age employee or entrepreneur. The #LinkedInNextWave series highlights visionaries in their fields, while the #PictureOpportunity series is perfect for employees looking for a challenge.

Most engaged with post:


__7. Shopify__

1665 posts 49.4 followers 4,149 following

Who Are They: The all-in-one eCommerce platform that’s all about empowering business owners and making the online buying experience as seamless as possible.

Why They Work: Being a business owner is exhausting and at times, you get short on inspiration. That’s where Shopify’s Instagram comes into the picture (pun completely intended). They blend inspirational quotes and people with eye-catching visuals for a metaphorical fest for the heart and eyes.

Most engaged with post:


Are you a B2B brand using Instagram? What’s worked for you and what kind of successes have you experienced? Shout out in the comments and let us know!

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