Announcing: Bi-directionally Sync Assets Between HubSpot & Brandfolder

by Bri Gust

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Brandfolder has recently launched an official integration with HubSpot, a full platform for marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM solutions.

Marketers and creatives can now easily, and bi-directionally, move assets from Brandfolder directly into email marketing campaigns and landing page content. This integration helps marketing teams optimize campaign performance by ensuring the right asset is used at the right time.

Anytime a HubSpot user wants to incorporate digital assets into their email campaign or landing page experiences, rich assets like images, videos, GIFs, and more, are now readily available to be seamlessly inserted—directly from their Brandfolder. And with features like versioning, teams can rest easy knowing that viewers of the campaign will have the most up-to-date version and accurate information at all times.

Life before Brandfolder + HubSpot

Prior to the HubSpot and Brandfolder integration, if a marketer wanted to insert an image to their HubSpot campaigns, they would have to aimlessly search through media libraries, Google Drive, or desktops. If an asset wasn’t in the right format or size, they’d then have to reach out to the creative team to resize and format it–causing even more delays launching the campaign. After waiting for the right asset, they’d then be able to upload it into Hubspot and insert into the campaign.

Take back your day with Brandfolder + HubSpot

With Brandfolder’s single source of truth, creatives can spend time doing the work that matters and marketers can automatically access the right assets for the right campaign at the exact moment they need them. And, even better, if that asset changes and is updated in Brandfolder through versions, assets within HubSpot will also automatically update, as well. 

The Brandfolder and HubSpot integration helps marketers and creatives take their days back and helps teams build smarter, more scalable, and personalized campaigns in a quicker-than-ever manner. 

Here’s how you can connect HubSpot and Brandfolder 

  1. Email to initiate the configuration.
  2. Install the Brandfolder app from the HubSpot Marketplace.You must be a HubSpot superuser to add the app.
  3. Click Login and enter your Brandfolder API key - The API key can be found when you are logged into Brandfolder:
  4. Upon successful connection, you will see a “Logged In Successfully” notification.
  5. (this step may be unnecessary) Click Connect HubSpot, which will briefly redirect your browser then bring you back to with additional options.
  6. Click Workflows and Add New Workflow.
  7. Use the form to configure the settings for your workflow. You can set the sync direction (Brandfolder to HubSpot is most popular), the location assets will be fetched from and posted to, and how often files will be synced.
  8. Upon successful workflow creation, you will see: “New workflow created. Click “ENABLE” to start it running at your selected interval.  
  9. To test your workflow sync, click Run Once and refresh the page. You’ll see a history trail with details, including total files created/updated.
  10. Check the source locations in your Brandfolder and HubSpot accounts to confirm assets are synced as expected.