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Introducing Brandfolder for Microsoft Office 365 Groups

Office 365 Groups was built to power collaboration. By giving teams the same level of access across the entire Office 365 stack, Office 365 Groups simplifies communication and increases productivity. Since Brandfolder believes in the importance of team efficiency, we wanted to find a way to contribute value to Office 365 Groups and their users. That’s why we’re excited to announce a Brandfolder Event Feed integration for Office 365 Groups. Now you can track who’s using your assets in real time, without leaving your group.

Brandfolder for Microsoft Office 365 Groups

Brandfolder for Office 365 Groups gives marketing teams a clear understanding of how internal users, partners, and press are viewing and interacting with important assets. Armed with this information, marketing teams can execute critical campaigns and product launches seamlessly. Brandfolder for Office 365 Groups offers easy filters, so you can customize the exact types of events you’d like to see, from logo views, to image downloads, and beyond.

Introducing Brandfolder for Microsoft Office 365 Groups

According to Rob Howard, Director at Office 365 Ecosystem, these analytics will help marketers be more effective. “The digital revolution is all about data. Giving Office 365 users better visibility into when and how their brand assets are being consumed via the Brandfolder Event Feed integration will enable them to be better marketers,” says Howard.

Brandfolder for Office 365 Groups is available immediately free of charge to current Brandfolder and Office 365 customers. To get started with the integration today, visit Brandfolder’s Integrations Page. Or, if you’d more information about Office 365, visit the official Microsoft Office Blog.

Jenay Sellers runs Digital Marketing at Brandfolder. As a Marketer and wannabe website designer, she understands the importance of digital asset management tools and solutions. When she's not encouraging others to check out Brandfolder, she enjoys cooking Blue Apron meals, playing golf, and curating Spotify's best new music.

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