Wondering WTF templating is and why it matters to you? Let us to explain. Templating allows Brandfolder clients to create customized, on-brand marketing materials, without needing the help of your already overworked resident designer. That’s right, create approved templates for marketing assets including ads, presentations, and brochures, and do it all from your Brandfolder.

I’m already sold. I’d like Brandfolder Templating now, please!

With Templating, organizations can create and disseminate marketing materials, from brochures to business cards, that are original, on brand, and editable. Templates are created in Adobe InDesign and can be configured on an individual asset basis, giving designers complete control over how assets are customized. For example, certain sections of text and imagery can be completely locked down, unable to be changed after the template is published.

Once distributed, global teams can easily customize templates by easily manipulating the dynamic areas via an HTML5 browser editor, no professional designers or design software needed. Your designers will love you because they can quit updating one line of copy or swapping out logos, giving them more time to focus on the things they love like creative, high-impact projects. It will also make your marketing team more agile and effective.

To support this new functionality, Brandfolder has proudly partnered with Silicon Publishing, the world’s leading provider of InDesign Server solutions. Silicon Publishing’s integration makes it easy for marketing teams to create templates from industry-standard InDesign files. It also allows you to include directions on what not to use where (e.g., “Don’t use Comic Sans font in this email header please!”).

brandfolder templating

This partnership was important because we already play nicely with Adobe, and so do our clients! You can read more about our collaboration with Silicon Publishing here

brandfolder templating

Do other DAMs on the market offer this feature? Kind of. But none of them offer the beautiful user experience that makes Brandfolder the easiest DAM on the market to implement with a #1 rating in customer satisfaction.  

We want to empower creatives to do the work they actually want to be doing. We don’t want to automate designers and marketers out of a job. We want to give you the tools to do your jobs better and faster, which in turn gives you results you’re proud to show off. Templating is truly a game changer in the DAM marketplace and your creative team’s workflow.

This is the first of many incredible features Brandfolder will be rolling out in 2017 (and it’s only January!). We promise you won’t want to miss a single one. Don’t have a Brandfolder yet? Click the banner below to get a free quote today. Already have a Brandfolder? Click here to learn more about Templating.

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