Introducing: Asset Score from Brandfolder

by Lauren Schutte

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Take the guesswork out of which creative assets are actually working for your brand.

Every year, companies spend billions of dollars on content creation. For most of those companies, every new campaign launch is a shot in the dark, a guess as to what will truly resonate with their audience. Some of these companies may spend money on market research, while others may try to integrate past campaign performance metrics into the creative ideation process in an effort to be more data-driven. Unfortunately, that’s much easier said than done.

The future will belong to brands that are able to understand trends and performance with their creative at a granular level. Brandfolder believes (just like every other department, such as sales, marketing, and finance) that the world of branding is in desperate need of data-driven decisions.

Brandfolder wanted to create a way to consume this information quickly. Asset scores help you to quickly understand the success, and potential success, of a piece of brand collateral.

Many of our clients use their Brandfolder DAM for the distribution of global assets to their website distributors, franchisees, digital ad platforms, retailers, agencies, and more. The time you put into your creative elements should be well spent - there’s now a solution to make sure you are investing in the right ones.

For example, if photography is a large investment for your team, imagine being able to have a specific score for each photo asset based on how many distributors are viewing, downloading and sharing it. You can then shift more investments to more photography that mimics the popular images.

Want to know how well a piece of collateral you just spent 3 hours on might perform? Well, by looking at data from your current assets, Brandfolder is able to provide a scoring model, rated from 0-100. You now know how a new asset compares to all the others in your Brandfolder.

Performance measurements include views, downloads, shares, and CDN/embedded views. All of these measurements are weighted when determining your asset’s score.

asset score example

Asset Score: 81

Asset Potential: 96

Asset Potential is the predicted value, i.e., the asset score it could achieve given the current performance of assets similar to it in the Brandfolder.

Asset Score from Brandfolder helps marketers and brands understand how a new piece of collateral could perform. Scores quickly give your team insight to direct data on what is being utilized well, and how can you continue to create more of that.

Read more about Asset Score in our Knowledge Base.

Keep a lookout for more products and ideas on how Brandfolder can help your company become a data-driven brand.