Brandfolder of the Week: 4 Snaps by Michael Sayman

On Fridays, we feature a great, creative, or interesting Brandfolder. This week, we’re highlighting the 4 Snaps Brandfolder

4 Snaps is the New Black. It’s currently the 25th most popular free iOS app right now (even above Netflix).

That’s enough to be a featured Brandfolder in itself, but what’s really mind-blowing is that it’s built by a recent High School graduate, Michael Sayman. He debuted the app last year at  Apple’s Developer Conference and was then discovered by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who offered Sayman an internship at Facebook which he starts this month. That explains the selfies with Zuck and Tim Cook of Apple.


Sayman describes the app as “a game where you pick a word and take pictures of that word – you send those pictures to your friends and they guess the word. It’s kind of like Snapchat and Draw Something together”.

With the recent success, the 17-year old has been featured in NPR in a story about how he’s able to help pay for his family’s bills, BusinessInsider, and ABC even has cameras following him around for his own documentary.

What we like about the 4 Snaps Brandfolder specifically is that it takes advantage of the breadth of assets that you can put into a Brandfolder. He has something in almost every section: Logos, Images, Documents, Media, People, Fonts, and Colors. It’s a great way to keep everything about your brand organized, and for that we give Michael an A+.

Here’s more on 4 Snaps:


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