Custom Crop Your Assets—Or Preset Social Dimensions

Wyn Merchant, Brandfolder

How many times a day do you reach out to your designer for an image specifically cropped for your Instagram feed, but then must reach out again for that same image in email dimensions? You find yourself stuck at the end of a long queue of marketing requests, and time is wasted. “I wish I could just do this myself,” you lament!

Or, are you the designer in that scenario—like our very own Wyn Merchant—fielding the same image requests again and again, reproducing assets in various shapes and sizes, and unable to get back to the creative project you set out to complete? “I wish they could just do this themselves,” you lament!

Well, wish granted. Wyn, our Senior Designer, considers our custom and preset cropping tool to be his favorite Brandfolder trick, because it eliminates that tedious, daily back and forth.

First, Wyn:

  1. Views the image he’d like to size in Brandfolder
  2. Having selected “Download Options,” scrolls down to view his “Export Options”
  3. Selects “Crop Type”

When he chooses “Freeform,” Wyn can pull his cropping field to zero in on any section of the asset he’d like, noting that our AI engine, Brand Intelligence, will always identify the key figures in the photo and first suggest a crop that best spotlights them.

If he wants to crop specifically for social media channels, however, Wyn can toggle to the Social Media crop type.

Presets for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are readily available for him in the various image specs relevant to each platform (i.e Instagram Story vs. Feed, or Twitter Header vs. In-Stream).

Finally, Wyn can create custom presets for his organization’s needs, empowering users to crop to his pre-approved specifications.

“If I’m creating an image for a newsletter and I want that image to be used for other applications—but I don’t want my team coming to me asking for all of these resizing requests—I can determine was those dimensions are, set there [in Brandfolder], and my team can go in and choose them,” Wyn explains. “This saves me a ton of time.”

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