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Ergobaby's client story


Ergobaby is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and is currently sold in more than 700 retailers in the United States, and in over 50 countries internationally.

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Company Stats

  • Founded in 2003 by Karin Frost in Maui, Hawaii

  • Sold in more than 50 countries worldwide

  • 700+ retail locations

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Ergobaby already had a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system in place, but their distributors, and their own creative team, weren't happy with the usability or customer service it was providing.

The structure of the system was hard to work with. Our distributors would log in and then be logged off automatically. This led to a lot of calls from our partners thinking they were locked out of the software. Basically, our old DAM created more work for us, and when we would call customer service to resolve the issue, they would never get back to us.

In this case study, we sat down with Ergobaby's Creative Director Perry Hampton to discuss when Ergobaby knew it was time for a new platform, how they approached the selection process, and how Brandfolder has been a better fit for their team.

Ergobaby's checklist for a new DAM:

  • Ease of use
  • A beautiful front end
  • Great customer service

Onboarding was very streamlined and simple. Brandfolder has a really friendly sales and customer service team. They're easy to get a hold of, and quick to respond to any questions we have. – Perry Hampton, Creative Director at Ergobaby

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Ergobaby knew a DAM platform was crucial to their marketing strategy early on. It didn't take them long, however, to realize that the DAM they had chosen was not the right fit for their business. "We were unhappy with the platform, as well as the customer service, so we knew it was time for a switch," said Perry Hampton, Creative Director at Ergobaby.

Hampton and his team also found the platform outdated and clunky. "It was hard for our users to find files. You had to click through so many folders to get to the right file!"

And so, Ergobaby began searching for a new DAM. "I came across the site G2 Crowd and read all of the reviews and comparisons with other DAM companies. Brandfolder seemed like the best fit for our needs." Of the Brandfolder platform, Hampton says his team really loves how easy it is to use. Being able to search for files quickly and efficiently is a huge priority.

It really comes down to the simplicity of finding assets quickly and efficiently. It also helps that it's more visual. You see what you need right away, instead of seeing a tiny thumbnail and not quite knowing what you're getting. – Perry Hampton, Creative Director at Ergobaby


Hampton says distributors are their most active users. "We don't provide dedicated support to them, so the DAM needs to be easy to use and intuitive. We don't have time to be fielding support requests." Ergobaby's Brandfolder ensures their distributors, from small shops to large box stores, have the correct and updated assets they need to advertise and sell Ergobaby products online and in their brick-and-mortar retail stores. Distributors get high-quality, creative-approved, 360-degree product photos of each item Ergobaby sells. They also gain access to curated lifestyle images, merchandising information, and usage guidelines for the Ergobaby brand and the products they're promoting.

Sales enablement

Their sales team also shares assets stored in the Ergobaby Brandfolder with retailers. And Hampton's creative team uses Brandfolder to store videos, lifestyle photos, product photography, and other brand assets, including their company overview and brand book. They also use it to house seasonal advertising and social media campaign collateral, as well as training guides for new mothers. "It has definitely saved our executives frustration fielding calls from exasperated distributors. It really comes down to the simplicity of finding assets quickly and efficiently. It also helps that it's more visual. You see what you need right away, instead of seeing a tiny thumbnail and not quite knowing what you're getting."

Team collaboration

When asked about adoption rates among the Ergobaby team, Hampton says, "We have around 80% of our staff using Brandfolder. The other 20% don't really need access to our DAM. Everyone internally really likes the system — or else they wouldn't have signed up for it!"

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