Gardens British Columbia

Here you will find the brand assets for Gardens British Columbia. If there are any assets you'd like that are not listed here email

Our photos and video are designed to tell the story of gardens in British Columbia. Our image bank contains high-resolution images and video of our member gardens which guide the viewer along a path from signature (big picture) points of view to garden experiences (things to do in a garden), and right down to unique and intimate moments in our B.C. gardens, all available to media (bloggers, traditional media, freelancers), at no charge. Destination British Columbia brand-aligned assets are tagged #DestinationBCbrandaligned

Our digital assets may be used to accompany travel editorial about British Columbia gardens in magazines, newspapers, broadcasts, podcasts or online. They are also available to the tourism industry for use in materials such as print advertising, websites, presentations and brochures that promote garden tourism in BC.

These images may not be used for any merchandising or retailing purposes, placed on any item for resale, used in any BC travel guidebook or BC travel information website not produced in partnership with Gardens BC or applied to promote any product or service not related to gardens travel to and within British Columbia or garden tourism in BC.
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