littleBits Hall of Fame Kits

Welcome to the Hall of Fame Folder!

Sections are divided by kits/product
- littleBits Arcade Game
- littleBits Bubble Bot
- littleBits Crawly Creature
- littleBits Night Light

Assets are divided into the following types
Visual Assets: product photos, box shots, lifestyle images, banner ads, and video
Text Assets: copy, product features, value props, and descriptions
General Assets: assets made for the Hall of Fame set and not catered to a specific kit

*** Please do ***
- Ensure that you use the image with the 2-in-1 badge to make it clear that there are 2 inventions in every kit
- Ensure that secondary/remix product image includes product box
- When using lifestyle photos, please include one lifestyle image featuring a person and one featuring visible Bits
- Keep the box as visible as possible

*** Please don't ***
- Cover the box or product image

*** Please note ***
Hall of Fame Kits are available in English only

For questions or more information about assets and kits, please reach out to your day-to-day littleBits contact. Thank you!
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