Retail Companies
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Do you need to manage multiple brands with hundreds or thousands of supporting assets? Retail brands like PVH, Under Armour, and FINIS utilize Brandfolder as the source of truth for employees, distributors, and press.

Custom Fields

Whether you have five or six thousand products in retail, we have custom fields to match the uniqueness of every SKU.

From sizing to material and barcodes to distribution origin, Brandfolder's customer experience team will help you be up and running in our system quickly and individually. Experience the most hands-off, customizable way to manage all assets across wholesaler, e-commerce, and distribution.

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Shopper Marketing

Manage primary and secondary packaging, seller sheets, and POS configuration in one distributed location.

Whether you're building assets and campaigns in-house or collaborating with agencies, Brandfolder supports work-in-progress content and creatives. Assets can be set in a pending state and hidden until they are finalized, giving Brandfolder users control over the entire creative process, from inception to launch to wholesaler.

Be a Show Off

Share your most vital assets, like logos, executive bios, and product shots, in a public-facing press kit.

Eliminate the back-and-forth that accompanies analyst briefings, press pitches, and tradeshow management by bulidng one self-serve portal where partners, press, and other key stakeholders can easily grab your most popular assets. Brandfolder's visual interface makes it easy for users to grab what they need, freeing your employees from the burden of manually managing and distributing brand materials.

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