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Onboarding & Support Services Matrix

Brandfolder's Onboarding and Implementation team partners with you from day one to ensure a successful onboarding experience.

Our team consists of Project Managers and Implementation Specialists that have successfully deployed hundreds of global companies across all industries. We apply expertise, strategies, and best practices gained from these deployments to all new Onboarding projects, while working collaboratively to support your business's unique scenarios. Once your DAM is up and running, you're in safe hands with Brandfolder Support. While our beautiful software will keep your teams engaged, our Customer Success team goes to lengths to keep your user experience joyful. Our team is constantly improving knowledge base documentation, and is available via phone, email and in-app live chat to help smooth out any and all kinks.

We offer 3 flexible Onboarding and Support options to fit your specific requirements, whether you're a first time DAM buyer or a seasoned expert.

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Self Guided

Our lowest touch offering for small to medium size businesses with straightforward deployments.

We will provide in depth training videos and how-to articles to get your admins up to speed on the Brandfolder application.

Once your team has bulit out the environment, a Brandfolder PM will conduct an optimization review and provide feedback on your build.

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Our medium touch offering for harder working deployments that need more expert consultation to provide value.

Your PM will coordinate a kick off call to review the project plan, milestones, and timeline, provide asset ingestion and metadata migration assistance (for up to 10,000 files), fully train your admins to get them comfortable with the Brandfolder application, and provide launch announcement sample materials and/or Q&A support.

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Our highest touch offering for complex, cross-functional team deployments that need tailored solutions and hands-on expert guidance.

Our PM team will provide asset ingestion and data migration assistance (for up to 50,000 files), help you define and buildout your asset organization hierarchy and taxonomy structure, train your admins and collaborators on full application functionality, lead weekly status calls to monitor the project and respond to real time feedback, and provide launch announcement assistance and/or training.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can help shorten the Onboarding timeline?

Asset clean up and prep - identify priority assets, and make sure there's at least a minimum folder structure/metadata in place. Sticking to the training schedule, and doing the suggested work between each sync with your Project Manager. Having a dedicated admin(s) to run point on engaging other departments that will eventually be users of the DAM.

What can increase the Onboarding timeline?

Admins that don't have the bandwidth to be a part of the process. Not having any existing metadata or folder structure that can be used to help sort files after ingestion. Analysis paralysis; i.e. endless changes to the structure before any user testing occurs. Brandfolder PMs will help establish a structure and will monitor how it aligns with workflow, use cases, and distribution.

What metrics do you measure Onboarding success by?

Time to complete Onboarding

  • This varies based on asset count, complexity of the build, and availability of Admins
  • We establish your timeline, and your PM works to ensure key milestones are met

Customer Progression

  • Your PM is very in-tune with your admins' progression
  • Established trainings & weekly meetings ensure admins are learning the platform

Product Adoption Rate

  • Once users are in, we have insights and analytics on usage
  • If audiences are struggling to adopt, we can work strategically with your team to provide additional outreach and training
  • We can also understand if something needs to be adjusted within the DAM, and assist with making those changes

How long does an average Onboarding deployment take?

In general, Onboarding can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. Timeline is heavily dependent on project complexity, volume of assets and metadata, and availability/responsiveness of customer admins. It is certainly possible for it to take less or more time depending on the resources you have to dedicate to the process.

What responsibilites does the customer have to ensure success?

The most important customer responsibility to ensure successful Onboarding is resource allocation. There needs to be an individual or team that is able to dedicate regular time to Brandfolder for the first couple months. Depending on your Onboarding service level, we recommend planning to dedicate 5-10 hours per week during the Onboarding period.

Another key to success is conducting an internal asset audit. This means knowing what needs to be kept vs. archived, the various sources of file locations, ability to communicate any existing taxonomy and organization preference, understanding the breadth and available formats of existing metadata.

What resources do we need to commit for a successful Onboarding launch?

Depending on your Onboarding service level, we recommend your admin(s) that will be interacting with your Brandfolder PM plan to dedicate 5-10 hours per week during the Onboarding period.

We have dedicated resources to deploy and manage the DAM, do we need elevated Onboarding?

We always recommend using one of our Onboarding service options that bestfits your project criteria. We understand there will be varying situations and resource availability across companies, which is why we offer three tiers to adapt to your particular scenario. Our key goals are to ensure your users are properly trained to be proficient in the Brandfolder platform, and to ensure your setup is in a place that will achieve maximum adoption across your internal and external business network.

What does Brandfolder assume on behalf of the customer when putting together the Onboarding plan?

We prefer to not make assumptions, but will do our best to transfer details learned during the sales cycle into the Onboarding phase as seamlessly as possible. We conduct internal kick offcalls to align on the project before our first customer interactions. Your Onboarding PM will then host a kick offcall and take you through a series of scoping questions to confirm all details are accurate and to inform essential milestones and timelines thereafter.

What level of resource allocation to the DAM deployment should we plan for at each Onboarding level?

Here are some approximations based on a hypothetical situation of 20k assets with adequate metadata trying to launch in 2 months:

Self Guided - 15 hours per week

  • PM will supply training videos and knowledge base articles to get the admin up to speed
  • PM checks in every 2 weeks to provide feedback on the build and answer any questions
  • PM will set up an Optimization Review prior to launch to confirm the Admin(s) knows how to add users and to do a final review of the build

Guided - 10 hours per week

  • PM will ingest assets and apply metadata; the client Admin(s) is responsible for organizing the content based on PM feedback and instruction
  • PM leads 3 admin trainings with instructions on what to work on between trainings
  • Client Admin owns the build while the PM reviews and provides feedback on each call and via email check in
  • PM can help facilitate a technical call to set up SSO; client is responsible for inviting and training users

Enterprise - 3-5 hours per week

  • PM will work with client Admin(s) to understand audiences and content, and will use that to build an initial structure
  • PM will ingest assets and apply metadata, then organize the content
  • PM leads 3 admin trainings with instructions on what to work on between trainings
  • PM will help with any major adjustments that need to be done based on client feedback
  • After initial ingestion and build, the PM will help the Admin(s) get familiar with and take over building/managing the DAM
  • PM can help facilitate a technical call to set up SSO, and invite/train users