Hi all, you will find the neo1 brand assets here for use across our platform and product marketing materials. If you need any help or have any questions please contact Fiona


This guideline outline brand elements which make up the neo1 brand. They include rules and values to help you compose and produce exciting designs with a high degree of creative flexibility.


neo1 is a B2B spend management platform built for SME’s and to be distributed by ecosystem partners such as ISV’s and payment providers (banks). neo1 is a market leading API first spend management platform that offers SME’s the value of enterprise grade technologies without the cost or complexity. As an API engine neo1 offers partners a cost effective distribution engine allowing them to add valuable ancillary services to existing technology or payment offerings delivering them new business opportunities, revenue protection and growth.

“neo1 is a platform” = the SaaS based technology that KDS build & support
“the neo1 service” = platform + professional services that surround it

neo1 is not a T&E system
neo1 is beyond a traditional expense management system
neo1 is a spend management platform

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When typing neo1 always use lower case even at the start of a sentence.

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