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Content Automation

Empower non-creatives to customize content. Templates allow any organization to build consistent brand assets, on-demand, without sapping time from your creative team.

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[Templates] create confidence for those sales and marketing folks that don't typically get to make stuff. They're in our design, but they're the ones producing this. It makes them feel like they're a part of the creation process.

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Brandon Nalband
Creative Operations Manager

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  • Bulk templating icon

    Bulk templating

    Automate the creation of multiple templates using data. Enable stakeholders at scale without manually creating templates for every use case.

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    Multi-template editing

    Add data to multiple templates at once to scale your creative powers and create all the assets you need in one go.

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    Use templates to generate new content based on rules using user data or integrations without the need for any human interaction.

  • Import from CSV icon

    Import from CSV

    Generate thousands of versions of a template based on the data contained within a single spreadsheet. Think attendee badges for your customer event.

  • Import from InDesign icon

    Import from InDesign

    Turn InDesign designs into templates in minutes. Simply tag where your design can be editable, then upload to Brandfolder.

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    Make sure only the right people have access to sensitive templates and, if you choose, the content they create goes through the proper checks using approval flows when new assets are created.

Creativity connected

Create and update at scale

Whether you're creating new templates, updating existing ones to reflect a rebrand, or generating hundreds of personalized emails from a single template, Brandfolder Content Automation has powerful tools to make the right changes, pull in the right data and make your job easy.

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Unleash creative consistency

Lock it down or set it free

Set guidelines for what can and can't be edited in a template. Allow for customization and localization where appropriate, and lock down important details where needed.

Designed to delivered

Personalize and distribute

Put that personal touch right at your teams' fingertips. Like any brand asset in Brandfolder, templates are found where and how you'd expect, using the world's most intuitive DAM search function. Editing is done just as easily, quickly taking content from designed to delivered.

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