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Take back your day

Sick of being bombarded with requests for assets? Did you know it takes 20 minutes to return to productivity for focused design work after a distraction?

The Brandfolder DAM automates the management and distribution of brand assets, so you can eliminate non-creative work and get back to the work you love doing.

"I love being able to search by most recently created items. We use a lot of photography, and this makes it super easy to quickly see what's new and fresh. You can tag photos which also helps when looking for certain subjects or seasonal photography."

Abby Ciucias Abby Ciucias Senior Designer, Getaway

"For other creatives out there thinking about Brandfolder, just do it. I speak for my team, and even sales, marketing, and everyone in the company -- it makes our lives easier. You're finally able to take that weight off of trying to share things, and dive into what you love, and learn more and grow more."

Becca Wyant Becca Wyant Creative Manager, FINIS, INC.

"If I couldn't provide enough creative resources or support to other teams, we just let it function as it was. Brandfolder now allows us to change that."

Jeanelle Calogero Jeanelle Calogero Brand Design Manager, Portillo's

Designed for designers

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Change how you share work

Share work-in-progress or hand off final designs with Share Links. Make them public, make them private. Name them. Track them. Expire them.

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Love your tools

Designed for designers by designers. Brandfolder’s UI was designed to look and feel like the tools you use everyday.

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Work faster

Get designs to the finish line quicker. Manage the creative process, collaboration and approvals right from Brandfolder.

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Eliminate annoying requests

Kill the daily emails and messages asking for assets. Instead of engaging in digital scavenger hunts, just get used to saying "They’re in Brandfolder."

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Feel at peace

With one centralized source of truth, rest easy knowing that stakeholders will always have access to the correct versions of your work.

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Make it your own

Configurable style settings allow creatives to design their company’s DAM portal, and make Brandfolder an extension of their brand.

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94% say Brandfolder has the most

Visually appealing
user interface


98% say Brandfolder has the most

Intuitive user

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92% say Brandfolder has the most


  • Single source of truth

    Integrate your digital asset storage solution into the entire organization, not just the creative team, to ensure a unified vision and message. All assets, including presentations, videos, audio, imagery, logos, ads, etc, need to be readily available to all teams from one central, dependable location.

  • Intuitive UI

    Brandfolder is so easy to use that new employees, agencies, distributors, retailers, and external partners can use it — no training required. Enable them to self-serve their asset needs, freeing up the creative team to focus on design work. Your team will thank you for giving them a tool that they will actually use.

  • Do more with Brandfolder Integrations

    Brandfolder integrates with all of your favorite tools to streamline your day and eliminate pesky downloads and uploads.

Sonata Brandfolder mock asset modal example Adobe integration example
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integrates with that

On a mission to eliminate downloads all together, Brandfolder integrates with (and is accessible from) a number of daily-use software tools.

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Brandfolder is used by creatives at some of the world's strongest brands

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