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Create amazing experiences

When all of your brand and media assets are in one easy-to-use location, your team will create more consistent, powerful experiences than ever before.

Whether you’re sharing with your social team, changing images on your homepage on the fly via our CDN, or giving the PR team access to every version of your logo, Brandfolder makes it easy to find, manage, and distribute your assets on any channel.

"We needed a simple way to share all of our assets with customers all over the world. By putting the Brandfolder link on our homepage, our customers can easily access any assets they need!"

Jill Bennett Jill Bennett Global Director of Sales & Marketing, FINIS, INC.

"Brandfolder has improved the quality of our emails by allowing us to work with larger file sizes, higher quality images, and more flexibility for responsive design."

Jessa Moon Jessa Moon Email Development, Ibotta

"While our corporate office is in Fort Worth, we have a lot of sales teams throughout the U.S. and internationally. A lot of those people don’t get updated branding messages because they’re so far away, so using a Brandfolder keeps everyone on the same page."

Nicole Wiseman Nicole Wiseman Communications, Ulterra

Built for Marketers

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Access a single source for everything

Keep all of your company’s most important assets in a single place: ad creative, photos, product information, videos, logos, sales collateral, audio files, links, and more.

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Intuitive UI

Feel like you already have too many tools? The last thing your team needs is another tool that nobody wants to use. Brandfolder is so accessible that anyone can pick it up without training.

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Make updates without a developer

Use Brandfolder's CDN to deploy digital assets on your website or email campaigns and change them out on the fly— without a single line of code.

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Eliminate pesky requests

Spend time generating revenue instead of responding to requests for your logo in a PNG.

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Create the perfect campaign

Easily search and navigate all of your assets to find the right one for any campaign. With every image automatically tagged, you’ll always find what you need.

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Customize with your brand styles

Configurable style settings allow marketers to design their DAM portal, and make Brandfolder an extension of their brand.

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98% say Brandfolder has the most

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92% say Brandfolder has the most


  • Format agnostic

    Brandfolder eliminates those pesky conversions and grabs the assets you need in whatever format or size you choose.

  • Simple permissioning

    Give as much, or as little, access to files as you want. Brandfolder makes it easy to manage granular levels of permissions.

  • Integrations

    Brandfolder integrates with marketing tools and systems like Salesforce, Wordpress, and Contentful so your assets are always easily accessible.

  • Templating

    Easily create document templates so individuals can change only the portions allowed, which saves your team time.

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integrates with that

On a mission to eliminate downloads all together, Brandfolder integrates with (and is accessible from) a number of daily-use software tools.

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Brandfolder is used by marketers at some of the world's strongest brands

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