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Our Brandfolder is set up into sections you’ll see below (Logos, Spyderco Product Images, Press Releases, etc.). These sections are for convenience, but you don’t need to click on them to find what you need. All of our assets are tagged with keywords, so simply type in the search field on the right and you’ll be shown all applicable assets. Want to find everything that is new? Type “tag:new” in the search field – results are all assets for new Spyderco products. Just start with "tag:" (that's tag semi-colon) and from there your options are plentiful! Country of origin, base model #, SKU#, catalog category, etc.

If you have any questions or can’t find what you’re looking for please contact your primary point of contact with Spyderco for assistance. Not sure who that is? Click on the “People” section below for information.

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