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Announcing: Brandfolder Advanced Video Functionality

Video is an increasingly important way to tell your brand’s story. Whether it’s on a company webpage or within a paid-social campaign, video is a powerful medium to engage audiences while demonstrating what makes your brand unique.

And with the proliferation of rich, visual brand creative being at an all-time high, a robust digital asset management platform with high-quality video features is required. Which is why we are excited to announce the launch of our new and improved advanced video functionality, partnering with the gold standard or video streaming services – Brightcove.   

Though you can still take advantage of Brandfolder’s basic video functionality–like converting, resizing, clipping, and watermarking video assets–the advanced video functionality not only helps store high-quality video assets but also makes them more findable and usable, helping eliminate content duplication.  

Read on to learn out about new advanced video features:

HTML5 native

Brandfolder videos now automatically stream using an HTML5 video player. The HTML5 player enhances speed for both streaming and downloading videos. End-users will save time as they distribute or implement video files for marketing campaigns, creative content, and more. Video files can now also stream within Brandfolder at 1080p resolution and can be uploaded at 8k resolution.


Brandfolder’s advanced video functionality makes it effortless to change the file type and resolution of a video with just a few clicks. Marketers and creatives will avoid ad-hoc conversion requests that are all too common. Ultimately, campaigns can launch faster because users have access to a single source of the truth inside of a highly-visual, usable interface.

Video formats for conversion include, but aren’t limited to mp4, webm, mov, aac, wmv, 3pg, and more.  

Auto-tags based on scene detection

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, Brandfolder quickly interprets each frame of an uploaded video asset and provides auto tags based on content within the asset. Users can simply search for videos based on tags that describe what’s actually within the video’s content to make them even more accessible. Additionally, our advanced video functionality detects down to the exact scene and provides relevant tags. 

Speech-to-text transcription

Similar to scene detection, our advanced video functionality creates metadata from all interpretable audio within a video asset. This creates even more criteria to use when searching for assets. 

If you have 15 different shots in a similar style, but you're looking for an asset focused on a “50% off Memorial Day Sales,” your video asset can be easily found by searching that specific phrase. Users can tightly control search criteria, toggling on or off the speech-to-text transcription within your metadata. 

To learn more about the Brandfolder advanced video features and how they can help your teams search, find, and reuse assets in a quicker than ever fashion, reach out today.