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Brandfolder Announces New Head of Product (Here's Why it's a Big Deal)

It’s an exciting time to be part of the Brandfolder community, and today’s announcement is just one of the reasons why.

I’m thrilled to share the addition of Jim Hanifen to the Brandfolder team as our Head of Product. Jim is a world-class talent with a unique skillset that combines both engineering and product backgrounds. He joins us, most recently, from Under Armour where he was Director of Product.

Jim was part of the team that grew the popular MapMyFitness suite of apps from an eight-person startup to its high-profile 2013 acquisition by Under Armour. During his tenure with Under Armour, Jim held technical and product positions within the company, exiting as Director of Product.

His mandate is to elevate our product and continue to lead us down a path of innovation and disruption in the Digital Asset Management space. Jim believes that what makes Brandfolder exceptional is its ability to remain an easy-to-use platform while solving customer challenges in new and creative ways.

When I asked Jim why he felt that now was the time to join Brandfolder, he said:

“A great team, incredible clients, and a well-built product are three things that Brandfolder has. Brandfolder is in an exciting phase and every day brings something new that allows you to carve a meaningful path on the way to helping customers.”

It’s that kind of thoughtful understanding of the Brandfolder platform, and the enthusiasm to push it forward, that should have us all feeling great about welcoming Jim to the team.

Brandfolder’s mission to help build strong brands is also a theme that resonates with Jim. He spent nearly a decade running his own digital agency, an experience that taught him how important it is to have a well-defined and well-organized brand, and to be able to share that brand with others. This kind of experience will really be an asset to Jim and he continues to move Brandfolder forward as a leading product company.

We are proud to welcome Jim to Brandfolder as a leader, a visionary, and someone you can truly depend on.

Welcome, Jim! — Steve Baker, Brandfolder CEO