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Smartsheet + Brandfolder: One Step Closer to Marketing Nirvana

A little over a year ago we embarked on a new journey. Nothing grandiose. We didn’t go to Antarctica or scale Mount Everest, but it was the start of a journey nonetheless. One that saw many of us across Smartsheet and Brandfolder, like so many across the world, working hard together but often separated by thousands of miles.

It has been and will continue to be a journey fueled by a vision to deliver value to marketers and creatives at brands — big and small — across the globe.

When we became part of Smartsheet, we set out to create a unified platform that has the power to improve the way marketers and creatives work together to deliver high-velocity, impactful brand experiences with unparalleled efficiency and speed.

Workflow content collaboration

If you think about it, there are two common threads at the heart of everything that marketers and creatives touch: how they get work done and the content they create. Historically, these two have been managed separately, but by combining both in one platform, we have created a unified solution. One with cohesive collaboration around work and content that supports the entire work and asset life cycle — from intake and planning to distribution and measurement. Plus, a single centralized platform unites analytics across team and asset performance so those marketers and creatives who are under so much pressure to do more, do faster, and often with less, can focus on making their best work shine.

Brandfolder & Smartsheet

Today marks a huge milestone in our journey toward unifying the best of work and digital asset management to create an elite solution for marketing professionals.

Looking Back at Our Journey So Far.

Since we joined Smartsheet, both teams have been diligently building functionality to streamline touchpoints between work and content. We’re excited to highlight a few of the features our shared customers are already enjoying:

- Embed Smartsheet request forms in Brandfolder at the Brandfolder and Collection levels to streamline content production and trigger automated workflows within Smartsheet. You can also process asset requests for files that don't exist in Brandfolder.

Asset Library

- Embed Brandfolder in WorkApps to provide an easy way to track content operations in the context of the overall project or campaign they’re running in Smartsheet.

Smartsheet WorkApps

- Publish proofed assets to Brandfolder to reduce the manual work needed to copy proofed assets to Brandfolder by reviewing, approving and publishing content from a single-integrated platform.

Publish proof assets to Brandfolder

- Sync Brandfolder Workspace to Smartsheet to quickly build Smartsheet grids for creative projects that can be rolled up into program- and portfolio-level reports.

Sync Brandfolder Workspace to Smartsheet

Exciting stuff, right? We’re not stopping.

Today, we’re rolling out some huge enhancements that bring work and content even closer together from start to finish.

First, Let’s Introduce the Panel.

Brandfolder Panel

Brandfolder’s core functionality is now native in Smartsheet. The ability to find, add or upload assets right from a sheet creates a better workflow to navigate, search, use or deliver assets efficiently.

The new panel lets you access Brandfolder directly in Smartsheet to:

  • Search, filter and navigate to find assets you need
  • Attach assets to the sheet or row while maintaining Brandfolder as the single source of truth
  • View tags, metadata and custom fields of attached assets
  • Sync attached assets with the latest version in Brandfolder
  • Upload assets to Brandfolder from a sheet
Brandfolder Panel

That’s not all! We’ve streamlined publishing assets to Brandfolder from a completed proof in Smartsheet, so it now takes only two clicks.

Team and Asset Performance: Better Together.

Smartsheet Insights Data

Brandfolder Insights data in Smartsheet allows marketers to pull top user and asset data directly from Brandfolder Insights into Smartsheet.

By enabling this feature, you can:

  • Sync insights from Brandfolder into Smartsheet to create custom reports and dashboards, pull data from both platforms and help teams and executives connect asset and team performance to shape creative and marketing strategies.
  • Report more accurate data to better understand marketing and creative performance using asset and user data such as views, shares and downloads.
  • Track and optimize how your team and content work together by aggregating insights to find the sweet spot between content creation, usage and engagement.

Are You Ready To Supercharge Your Marketing and Creative Teams?

If you or your team are burnt out and demand just isn’t slowing down, something’s got to give. Hiring is hard. Attrition is harder. You have to empower your team with the tools they need to do their jobs well. To do more, faster, without making everyone’s lives miserable.

Smartsheet with Brandfolder is the best way to do exactly that. Empower your team with the tools they deserve:

  • Streamlined digital workflows and asset use to accelerate go-to-market with distributed teams
  • End-to-end visibility and work management to respond quickly to market feedback
  • End-to-end analytics to prove marketing impact and efficiency


  • One vendor for easy procurement and support
  • World-class services to build high-value, bespoke solutions
  • Years of experience helping marketers and creatives solve challenges
  • Focus and dedication to marketing and creative through continued investment and innovation

Let us help get you started.