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    Here you will find TE Connectivity brand assets for use by TE employees and business partners only. The materials posted here are protected by copyright. By downloading from this site you are confirming that you will contact your TE contact or representative to obtain all approvals related to the use of these trademarks in creative materials you are producing. For brand guidelines visit www.te.com/brand.

    Please contact the below admins if you have questions for:

    Brand Assets: Sheri Chandler & Gian Ahuja • Channel: Lauren Marchetto • Communications - Appliances: Faris Ahamed • Communications - D&D: Sherry Postupak • Global Employer Brand: Meaghan Lynch • Industrial - AD&M: Brunda N • Industrial - Energy: Yassin Nasser-Allah • Industrial - Industrial: Brunda N • Industrial - Medical: Emily Gillon • Product Imagery: Lauren Marchetto • Transportation - Automotive: Petra Helène • Transportation - Application Tooling: John Lindsey • Transportation - Sensors: Taryn Ladyka • Transportation - ICT: Kathleen Aamende