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Asset Use Guidelines

Teammates should be familiar with the Asset Use Guidelines. Email with any questions.

BACKGROUND CHECKS: Anyone pictured and named should have a current background check (<1 year) on file.

WAIVERS: Everything visible has waivers on file. If in doubt or you have questions about an asset please consult your Brandfolder POC/Admin for confirmation.

BBB: Better Business Bureau guidelines suggest we use photos that are less than three (3) years old whenever those assets are "represented as current."

WWP TEAMMATE ASSETS: Assets including active WWP teammates may be used in any project.

NCT ASSETS: All NCT assets are tagged "NCT". These assets are approved for any use. NCT personal photos and images from military service may be available. Please ensure your project meets the requirements to use such assets as outlined in the Asset Usage Guidelines and contact an admin if you need access to these images.

ADDITIONAL LIMITATIONS: Be sure to review each asset's description for any additional usage limitations.

Helpful Links

Brandfolder Knowledge Base: Click Here
WWP Brandfolder Guidelines & References: Click Here
Email WWP Brandfolder Group For Help: Click Here

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