Development and production of biologics, viral vaccines and advanced therapies, the way in which FDB presents itself to the public through various collaterals including business stationery, signage, brochures, its website, exhibitions, advertisements etc. should always positively remind everyone of why they like and respect the organization. If we don’t present the business in a consistent way we immediately undermine the company’s reputation for professionalism and quality, so agreed identity guidelines and standards are essential. It is important that the guidelines are strictly followed, especially in regard to the use of the core FDB identity components such as logos, colors, and fonts. Visual design elements of our brand should be used only as outlined in these guidelines and should not be altered, added to or misused in any way.

For all internal and external marketing collateral, signage, website designs, films or other external & internal documents, please get approval from one or more members of the Global Marketing and Communications Team - Anitra Johnson, Alex Shaw, Colin Duffy, Emily Longstaff, Francisco Gonzalez, Heath Hilliker, Hebe Topping, Jeanine Dubois, Katerina Hall, Lisa Emily, Rebecca Abram, Sara Yohn, and Sophie Watson.

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