Image Hosting and CDN


✨👉 PLEASE EMAIL to get your 'Pending' assets approved! 🛎️✨

This is the new place to host images for Project Websites, Kittelson Maps, GIS Web Apps, or any other image-hosting needs. Find the embed link by clicking on any approved asset in this Brandfolder, and go to the Embed tab. There are several useful features on the embed tab:
✔️ Specify the height and width
✔️ Specify the file type or auto serve the optimal supported format
✔️ Specify which version of the asset to use if there are multiple attachments
✔️ Track the usage and views of your asset from the usage tab
✔️ Generate an https:// URL for embedding on websites.

Assets marked as 'pending' are await administrator approval. PLEASE EMAIL the Admins below to get your 'Pending' assets approved!
Questions? Want to become and admin yourself so you don't have to wait for Pending assets to be approved? Please contact Susan Mah, Ian Cameron or Jon Sommerville

Hang tight! We're preparing your download...