CineSalon is a Washington, DC video production agency that creates videos and video strategies for mid-size brands, building and accelerating their marketing funnels.

CineSalon is the specialized team you need to develop top-of-the-funnel magnets to sharable product evangelism.

Our defining difference is our customer service and strategy-first methodology for creating video content.

The same process that:

- Helped sell $3.3 million dollars of product in 30 days

- Created over $173M in raised venture funds

- Got a brand acquired & founder exited in 2 years

- Achieved 45M views for the lowest cost per click ever

- Influence 4 bills to pass in Congress

Are we stuck in our ways? No. But a wise man once said,

"If it works, CineSalon must be behind it."

CineSalon made Washington, DC its HQ in 2014. We've helped candidates get meetings at the White House, boosted recruitment for the US military, connected youth from around the world, created ads for pro sports teams, and told stories for associations big and small.

Our production capabilities and network are worldwide.

We provide:

Post Production

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