The How2Recycle Library

The How2Recycle Library

Welcome How2Recycle members! IMPORTANT NOTICE: Sustainable Packaging Coalition has released results from our new Centralized Availability of Recycling Study. Some How2Recycle labels have changed recyclability categories as a result of this new and improved data, including metal aerosols, polypropylene, some but not all PET thermoforms, LDPE rigids, and PVC. These changes are reflected in our new How2Recycle Guidance Document. If you believe your packaging is impacted by these changes, send a How2Recycle Artwork Request Form to how2recycle@greenblue.org. Labels that are impacted by these changes will be updated here in Brandfolder on an ongoing basis, starting August 1.

Reference the How2Recycle Guidance Document to ensure accurate use, including terms, correct claims, and details on "exceptions" or unique situations like copolymers, potentially hazardous contents, shrink sleeve labels, films, and biodegradability additives.

To get a How2Recycle label, download our How2Recycle Artwork Request Form. Fill it out and email to How2Recycle@greenblue.org with the subject line "(Your company) - Artwork request." We will send you a link to this library, so you can download the exact label you need.

REMINDERS: If your packaging format, design, size or material has changed in any way, contact staff. If your packaging has ANY ADDITIVES, including calcium carbonate, biodegradability additives, EVOH, or any other barrier, ingredient or layer that is not the pure material listed in the description of applicable resins, you must include that information in an Artwork Request Form. ALSO INCLUDE: information about labels in your form (especially SHRINK SLEEVES), closures, seals, coatings on paper.

Remember to SEND PROOF to how2recycle@greenblue.org when your How2Recycle label has been applied to your packaging.

How2Recycle is a program of Sustainable Packaging Coalition. Our nonprofit is called GreenBlue, and we are located in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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