The Mountain Collective

The Mountain Collective is for that select group of people, like you, who value exclusivity.
A secret cadre of skiers and snowboarders with wanderlust in their veins, and inexplicable excitement around every mountain. That’s why you’re in the Mountain Collective. Because you aren’t normal people.
You ski and ride the lifts with normal people, but your smile isn’t due to the fresh 4” this morning, although that does help. Your smile is because you’re part of the secret on this mountain, and a large handful of select others.
And while you can’t wait to share, you also want the secret to last as long as possible.
People will wonder how you racked up so many days on so many great mountains.
And you’ll wage an internal struggle over telling them.
Maybe this pass isn’t for them. But that’s your choice to make.
For now, just smile, because you’re in the know.
It’s more than a pass. It’s an entry.

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