The Real Social Guy


Social Branding has become a neccessarity in today's Marketing strategies and we are happy to provide those Social Media product/services.:-)
We would like to see our business grow and expand and someday be recognized by millions of people as one of the most trusted and well deserved businesses online for our niche. On a personal note I would just once like to over hear in a conversation where someone says that they buy from my site without knowing me as the founder. We can dream right?
I am offering anyone my personal email and phone number should you have any business related issues or helpful advice on how to improve our services.
Company Overview
Founded March 2014 by a really cool guy named Richard Lee Duchene. Richard Founded his Company R L Duchene Enterprises in 2012. Richard previously worked for Strategic Marketing Enterprises and Circseller Inc. Richard is a self made entrepreneur.
If you are in need to increase your popularity or your company branding you have come to the right place. We started out in a partner ship with in 2012. To our great success we sold in 2013. We plan to make The Real Social Guy go even further..
General Information
We buy and sell and recruit our products and services. Even though we don`t directly provide some of our products and services we still except full responsibility for customer service related issues. We like to show our customers that we care and will work out any and all issues to the customer`s satisfaction.
best social branding service provider 100% Guaranteed!

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