Tina Do


Hey friends! My name is Tina Do (pronounced dough like donut) and I'm a Solution Engineer reporting to Kenneth. I like long walks on the beach, eating awesome food, spending time with family... jk totally not a dating profile, but I do love spending time on the beach eating good food with my family.

Bay Area born and raised (specifically San Jose - Go Sharks!). I'm currently living in Oakland with my fiancé, Garrett, and kitty fur baby, Suki. We are complete nerds... So if anyone has any RPG video games and/or Japanese animation recommendations - let me know! I'm a typical Bay Area foodie and very well versed in anything boba tea/bubble tea/milk tea related. Want a recommendation? I got you.

On a professional side note, I've been a Solution Engineer for almost 5 years now. I came from the data center space and moved my way over to SaaS a couple of years ago (best decision ever). I met some awesome people throughout my career working for some great companies like Freshworks (I used to demo Freshservice - what Smartsheet is using for their ITSM today) and DocuSign. However, I'm SUPER excited join the Brandfolder team! I genuinely loved the down to earth conversations I've had during the interview process and that's what made me want to join.

Hang tight! We're preparing your download...