TJ Slezak


Hi I'm TJ. I come from a background in planetary science, where I've conducted research on volcanic moon of Jupiter named Io, worked on a multinational team of graduate students to set scientific objectives for the upcoming human missions to the South Polar region of the Moon, and processed raw imagery from the Opportunity and Curiosity rovers. After graduate school, I decided to go into Tech. I've worked as a data scientist and senior data engineer prior to Brandfolder. I joined Brandfolder because I am confident in the product (my wife works in marketing and her company would benefit from Brandfolder) and was excited to join a high-growth company. I am a Senior Software Engineer - Data at Brandfolder and my job is move data from place to place as efficiently and effectively as possible. I enjoy backcountry hiking and backpacking, playing disc golf, working on home improvement projects, and spending time with my wife, daughter, and cat. I also enjoy traveling, IoT projects with Raspberry Pis, backpacking, and learning new things.

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