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Taking Stock of Creative Impact: Where Brands Are Failing to Invest

by Chelsea D'Angelo

February 1, 2023

Three people standing around a square bank putting coins into it. One person sitting on their laptop working. Text reads 'Make It Make Cents! Where Brands Are Failing to Invest'

Did you know that it’s been proven that companies that foster creativity enjoy greater market share by a factor of 1.5 compared to less-creative brands?

Design-driven brands like Airbnb, Chobani and InVision have helped put creativity center stage and turned top-notch creative teams into a business imperative. We were curious about how this newfound esteem is reshaping creatives’ day-to-day work lives and the impact they’re able to make on their brands.

So we surveyed 300 creative professionals about growing demands, how they spend their time, and the value the content they generate adds to their organizations. What we uncovered are key areas where brands are failing to invest in creative teams to truly maximize their impact, and we’re breaking it all down in our new infographic.

Creative-Impact-Infographic 13-01