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Brandfolder for
Food & Beverage

Simplify the way you manage and distribute your digital assets.

Give your creative assets a single source of truth. That way, your stakeholders like regional market leads, sales teams, external vendors, and global retail partners can create and find up-to-date content whenever they want.

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"When I look at how Brandfolder is laid out, it just makes sense. It's very visual, and we can easily see every asset at a glance. When I describe Brandfolder to others, I say that it's like a Google Image Search but for your own company's assets."

Jeff Stapleton headshot
Jeff StapletonSenior Graphic Designer,Russell Stover
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"Brandfolder has been an amazing platform for us to drive efficiency and have a healthy—and on-brand—library of materials that our global partners and restaurants can use at any time."

Mari Marques headshot
Mari MarquesGlobal Director of Marketing,LATAM, P.F. Chang's

"Before Brandfolder, it was a struggle to get creative assets from our agencies. When we wanted to launch a campaign, we'd have to request a file and incur a fee. Now we have an intuitive way to manage and distribute all of our assets."

David Pugh headshot
David PughMarketing Manager,RCL FOODS

Features for Food & Beverage

  • Brand-specific auto-tagging icon

    Brand-specific auto-tagging

    With Brand Intelligence, our proprietary AI engine, add product-specific auto-tags to assets. Your users can find content in the natural way they think about it. No confusing keyword glossaries needed.

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    Whether you want to streamline your workflow, connect to Adobe Creative Cloud, or track events and analytics, Brandfolder's platform offers many integrations to strengthen your DAM capabilities.

  • Content Automation icon

    Content Automation

    Create polished templates so non-designers, like your sales team, can customize materials on the fly specific to their prospect's needs. Creatives save time and marketers or sales teams will always use on-brand assets.

  • Global distribution & unlimited users icon

    Global distribution & unlimited users

    Provide access and share your brand assets to anyone you want—like agencies or your regional sales team wherever they are located—with no extra price tag.

  • Advanced editing & formatting icon

    Advanced editing & formatting

    Drop the pesky conversion requests. Allow your users to access the assets they need in whatever format, file type, or size they choose. Crop with customizable or preset sizes for social media, too.

  • Versioning & permissions icon

    Versioning & permissions

    Give as much, or as little, access to the most up-to-date files as you'd like. Brandfolder makes it easy to manage granular levels of permissions.

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On a mission to eliminate downloads all together, Brandfolder integrates with (and is accessible from) a number of daily-use software tools.