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Why small and
midsize businesses

love Brandfolder

Power your brand alongside some of the world’s leading marketing teams. Brandfolder helps you stay organized so you can find what you need, fast.

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Your entire brand
in one place

Easily organize, control, create, distribute, and measure creative assets across hundreds of formats including 8K video, documents, images, and 3D. The best part? Assets are accessible anywhere, creating a single source of truth for your team to quickly find and share the most up-to-date assets they’re looking for.

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onboarding and
customer service

Our onboarding experience consists of a full asset audit and launch support. We know your business moves fast. You can expect the implementation, onboarding, and launch to take an average of less than 2 months. Plus, we offer training to help you get the most out of your investment.

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“Brandfolder has made us a lot more efficient in our work. We are a global company, so by having our marketing assets on Brandfolder, we can share them internationally very quickly.”

Ben Peters   |   President, Zeal Optics

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Ready to grow with you

Brandfolder helps you automate tedious tasks like organizing assets, so you can focus on the rest of your business. And as your business grows, we grow with you. Customize your cloud storage based on the size of your asset library and then adjust as you go.

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Always organized,
always ready to share

In Brandfolder, your assets are always ready to share, allowing you to distribute them using a single link. Plus, take the guesswork out of enabling new creatives or agencies to create new assets by keeping your brand consistent, easily accessible, and always up-to-date in Brandguide.

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Here’s what G2 had to say...

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“Brandfolder was easy to deploy, could be integrated into our workflow with ease, grew with us, and was intuitive to use as we opened it up to all internal employees.”

Jean-Paul W.   |   Senior Product Marketing Manager

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