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Go beyond templating

Content Automation

Empower non-creatives to customize content and get to market at scale and at speed. Content automation allows any organization to build consistent brand assets, on-demand, without sapping time from your creative team.

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What to Expect

  • Strengthen brand integrity icon

    Strengthen brand integrity

    Every piece of collateral, on-brand, on time and at scale.

  • Faster to market, again and again icon

    Faster to market, again and again

    More campaigns launched, with ease of iteration.

  • Reduce production costs icon

    Reduce production costs

    Hours of time saved across the organization without needing to outsource production.

  • Maximize your existing data icon

    Maximize your existing data

    Eliminate the waste and frustration of long build times and data movement.

  • Empower teams icon

    Empower teams

    Empower the whole organization to create on-brand content.

  • Reduce risk icon

    Reduce risk

    Your brand is in safe hands with approval workflows, clear templates and an audit trail.

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We measure the benefits of Content Automation just by the requests we aren't getting any more. I know that every time I see something being built with Content Automation, that would otherwise be a custom piece of creative that would have to be taken care of by my team. As that list grows bigger, I know I'm saving more.

Andy Fitzsimon
Global Brand Manager

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  • Multi-editing icon


    Go to market with speed and consistency by applying copy and design to multiple templates at once.

  • Bulk creation icon

    Bulk creation

    Instantly create multiple versions of a template based on data contained in a single spreadsheet.

  • Instant personalization icon

    Instant personalization

    Automatically populate important details including email, phone number, address and more.

  • Lockable elements icon

    Lockable elements

    Protect brand integrity and choose what design elements are locked down and what can be customized.

  • Access and permissions icon

    Access and permissions

    Ensure the right team members have the right access to the right templates with teams and roles.

  • Import from InDesign icon

    Import from InDesign

    Reduce custom design requests by creating customizable templates for common digital and print content.

Creativity connected

Create and update at scale

Whether you're creating new templates, updating existing ones to reflect a rebrand, or generating hundreds of personalized emails from a single template, Brandfolder Content Automation is a powerful tool to make the right changes, pull in the right data and make your job easy.

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Unleash creative consistency

Lock it down or set it free

Set guidelines for what can and can't be edited in a template. Allow for customization and localization where appropriate, and lock down important details where needed.

Designed to delivered

Personalize and distribute

Put that personal touch right at your teams' fingertips. Like any brand asset in Brandfolder, templates are found where and how you'd expect, using the world's most intuitive DAM search function. Editing is done just as easily, quickly taking content from designed to delivered.

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