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Brandfolder takes the countless digital assets for all of your product SKUs—and all the work it takes to find them, update them, and distribute them—and simplifies the art of staying on-brand. Save time for yourself and your sales team, and enable your stakeholders all over the world with an accessible, self-service central source of truth.

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"One of our biggest challenges was having a disorganized share drive, and Brandfolder had a great user interface for organizing our library."

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Nicole WisemanMarketing Manager,Ulterra
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"We use Brandfolder to share with a large network of distributors, plus international subsidiaries and other internal stakeholders. It's a great & efficient way to have every asset in one consolidated place."

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Adam LentonMarketing Manager,Classeq Ltd.
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"Our process for distributing assets before was all over the place. Now, my sales team, agencies, and distributors can all access content easily and efficiently to help achieve their end goal."

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Catherine CrosbyDirector of Marketing,Evergreen Enterprises


  • The central source of truth icon

    The central source of truth

    Say goodbye to shared drives, FTP servers, email, intranets full of links, and whatever else you use to juggle all your assets. Brandfolder is here. Now, everyone can instantly find the piece they need, and it'll be on-brand to boot.

  • User-based permissioning icon

    User-based permissioning

    There's no limit to the number of users you can have access your Brandfolder, and each one of them can view or manipulate exactly what you want them to. You'll see gains in efficiency and optimized workflows on a global scale.

  • Advanced search and filtering icon

    Advanced search and filtering

    Need a faster way to distribute assets for your product lines? You found it. Search by SKUs, product IDs, and much more to quickly track down spec sheets, sizzle reels, packaging labels, and any other assets you need.

  • Smart CDN icon

    Smart CDN

    In manufacturing, products are always changing, which means materials are quickly outdated. But with Brandfolder's Smart CDN, you can embed assets across the web, format them on the fly, and guarantee your content is always up to date.

  • Brand Intelligence icon

    Brand Intelligence

    Here's a universal frustration: wasting time trying to find the asset you're looking for. Brandfolder's product-specific auto-tagging surfaces the piece you need quicker, and your team won't waste time creating what already exists.

  • Insights and analytics icon

    Insights and analytics

    With Brandfolder, you won't just know where to find your assets. The analytical tools show you how every one of them is being used. You'll know which pieces to promote, which to re-work, and which to retire.

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On a mission to eliminate downloads all together, Brandfolder integrates with (and is accessible from) a number of daily-use software tools.