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New Integration: Brandfolder + Sketch

by Bri Gust

July 3, 2019

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New Integration: Brandfolder + Sketch

In a continual effort to make creative teams more efficient, Brandfolder is proud to announce that our DAM platform now integrates with Sketch, the #1 tool used by UI/UX designers to create beautiful web and mobile interfaces.

With the Brandfolder plugin, creatives can now access their digital assets and place them directly into their designs – all from inside Sketch.

What does this mean for efficiency? 

Here’s how you can connect Sketch and Brandfolder

Install Brandfolder’s Sketch plugin:

  1. Download the most recent version of the plugin here.
  2. Unzip the brandfolder.sketchplugin.zip file.
  3. Double click brandfolder.sketchplugin.

Use the Sketch plugin:

  1. Open a Sketch project.
  2. Click Plugins > Brandfolder > Open Brandfolder.
  3. Enter your Brandfolder API key.
  4. Click on a Brandfolder to view its assets.
  5. Select place on an asset to place it into your current Sketch artboard.
  6. If an asset has multiple attachments, click on the # Attachments button to view them all.
  7. Select place on the attachment you wish to use.