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Aayushi Rana

The Ordinary x Aayushi Rana: Starting from “Yes”

Episode Summary

We’ve all heard about the importance of learning to say “no,” but what about the power of starting from “yes”? For photographer and content creator Aayushi Rana, saying “yes” to receiving her first DSLR camera, moving from Bangalore to London (Ontario, not England) at just 18 years old, and following a strong connection to the DECIEM brand led to her landing her dream job at the Ordinary. In this episode of the podcast, she shares her journey and discusses how starting from a place of “yes” continues to help her hone her craft, spark creativity, and achieve success. You definitely won’t regret saying “yes” to giving this episode a listen!

Key Takeaways: 

  • We discuss the creative process used by the team at the Ordinary, and how inspiration can come from anywhere — even trash can fires.

  • Ever wonder whether it’s truly possible to manifest the perfect job? Aayushi gives us a crash course on how to make your dreams a reality.

  • Aayushi gives us the inside scoop on the Ordinary’s inspiring company culture.

  • We talk about the power of storytelling and why a picture really is worth a thousand words.