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Alanah Joseph

HubSpot x Alanah Joseph: Supercharging Podcast Success

Episode Summary

Our special guest Alanah Joseph, head of creative partnerships at HubSpot, leads the brand’s new podcast network, which scaled from 5 to 25 shows within the last year. As a lover of storytelling and former journalist, Alanah’s goal has always been to develop a creator-first platform that fully supports talent. In this episode, Alanah shares her perspective on supercharging podcast success through established systems and processes that make it easier for creators to do what they do best: create. She teaches us what she’s learned from being both a creator herself as well as managing creative teams.

Key Takeaways:

  • We learn that to quickly scale content we need to prioritize growth and establish processes that will amplify creative output early on. 

  • Alanah shares her pro tips on how to build quality relationships with creatives by centralizing their goals and values. 

  • We discuss what it means to truly support creators. 

  • Want to make a great podcast? Alanah shares what the most successful shows on her network all have in common. 

  • We explore what it’s like to actually be a creator.