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Allison Ellsworth

Poppi x Allison Ellsworth: Thriving in Chaos

Episode Summary

Being discovered by Whole Foods at a local Farmer’s Market. Appearing on Shark Tank 9 months pregnant. Launching a rebrand during a global pandemic. Going viral on TikTok overnight. While any of these events may seem like a wild ride to most, for Texas-based mom of three and Poppi Co-founder Allison Ellsworth, it’s just another day in the life — and she thrives in the chaos. In this episode of the podcast (our 50th, to be exact!), Allison shares her inspiring journey from experimenting with apple cider vinegar in her kitchen to crafting a best-selling soda replacement that landed at #1 on Amazon’s hot new products list. Whether she’s telling a personal story on TikTok or taking a Zoom call from the labor and delivery room, everything Allison does is authentic — and usually a family affair. So grab your favorite Poppi flavor and get ready to enjoy some realness!

Key Takeaways: 

  • We talk about what it takes to stay true to your brand vision and identity while undergoing exponential growth.

  • Ever wonder what it’s like to appear on Shark Tank? Allison gives us the inside scoop.

  • We discuss the challenges and benefits of blending one’s personal and professional lives.

  • Allison tells us how she “hacked” the TikTok and Amazon algorithms to sell $2.2 million worth of Poppi last Prime Day.