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Anna Griffin

Intercom x Anna Griffin: Transforming Brand Experiences

Episode Summary

Our latest guest, Anna Griffin, is arguably the definition of #GirlBoss. The former CMO of Smartsheet (our parent company) and current CMO of Intercom joins us to chat about all things brand engagement. In this enlightening conversation, we dive into what Anna believes is the true definition of a brand and we learn the secret to standing out by creating meaningful experiences. Anna shares the many phases of her accomplished career and provides insightful perspective on succeeding as a woman in business. She’s a seasoned vet and has worked with many of the world’s greatest brands (a few of which are named in her bio). Trust us, this is a conversation you do not want to miss.

Key Takeaways:

  • We learn about the future of brand engagement and the standards we should all be holding ourselves to as the digital world evolves. 

  • What defines a brand? Anna shares her insight on what makes or breaks a brand.

  • We discuss the power of manifestation and Anna’s belief that when you manifest a story for yourself, it will find you. 

  • Anna shares her perspective on the value that women bring to business.