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Ben Weaver

Morning Brew x Ben Weaver: Creating Cult Followers in Email Marketing

Episode Summary

This week’s featured guest is Ben Weaver, vice president of commerce, licensing, and consumer products at Morning Brew.

While Ben was attending college in Texas, he got an eye-opening look at how one design firm catered to ad agencies and marketing firms. Learning the ideologies behind successful campaigns from that experience helped give him a leg up when he was later thrown headfirst into product marketing at Chive Media Group. Although he worked in strategy, Ben helped formulate and support many of the brand’s early marketing campaigns. Fast forward to today and you’ll find him in hot pursuit of his new goal: figuring out how to turn big fans of Morning Brew’s content into paying customers. In this episode, we cut through the clickbait and get straight to the lessons within Ben's winning methodologies. Get ready to tell all your friends about this forward-thinking lesson!

Key Takeaways:

  • We learn the difference between natural and unnatural-sounding native marketing. 

  • Ben shares his insight on which email marketing KPIs matter most.

  • We discuss the importance of keeping it simple and throwing out all the rules. 

  • Ben tells us about the #1 marketing tactic his favorite brands all use – something you can take to create an email newsletter people will actually look forward to reading. 

  • We discover what happens when creativity overcomes red tape.