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Blair Roebuck

Valtech x Blair Roebuck: Demystifying Data

Episode Summary

“Marketing science” may sound intimidating, but according to Blair Roebuck, it has more in common with 8th grade science than you might think. In this episode, Valtech’s VP of marketing science and Forbes 30 Under 30 winner Blair shares how she discovered her passion for applying data insights to enhance digital experiences and ways she helps organizations transform their data into dollars. She reveals that brands that focus less on monetary transactions and more on harnessing data as currency are shaping the future of retail, and explains why 360-degree personalization is the key to customer satisfaction. Whether you’re still learning to trust data or well-versed at experimenting with your company’s KPIs, this episode is a must-listen!

Key Takeaways: 

  • We discuss beacon technology and how it’s shaping the store of the future.

  • Does your brand offer experiences that are worthy of consumer data? Blair shares how it’s done.

  • We learn about the three distinct types of data-driven personalization.

  • Blair explains why modesty and humility can (and should!) co-exist with grit and drive.