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Bob Bejan

Microsoft x Bob Bejan: Allowing Greatness to Shine in Times of Adversity

Episode Summary

Few professionals experience career highs and lows as drastic as creatives who put their heart and soul into their work. Fortunately, Bob Bejan, Microsoft’s Corporate VP of Global Events, Production Studios & Marketing Community, has had a lot of highs — from turning the Ninja Turtles into rock stars (his voice may sound familiar to you) to signing a 5-picture interactive movie deal with Sony (a concept well before its time). Yet despite these impressive accomplishments, Bob firmly believes the quality that defines creative success is the ability to choose excellence in times of adversity. In this episode of the podcast, Bob shares his experience and advice around maintaining your self worth amidst creative criticism, meeting challenges with a positive attitude, and allowing your greatness to shine regardless of mistakes. As Michelangelo would say, cowabunga! 

Key Takeaways: 

  • We discuss what it means to be “human first” at work, and how great leaders effectively balance creativity and business strategy.  

  • Ever wonder what separates creatives from the pack? Bob shares what he believes is the common thread.

  • We learn why experiential marketing has become the “emotional skin” of the Microsoft brand.

  • Bob tells us how his background as a theater major and performer has shaped his philosophies as a creative marketer.