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Brian Bosche

Smartsheet x Brian Bosche: Humanizing Your Brand

Episode Summary

At Brandfolder, we’re major advocates for having creative outlets outside of work. Our latest guest, Brian Bosche, principal product manager of Smartsheet and TikTok aficionado is a prime example of that. Brian first became curious about TikTok during his long commutes to work, and it became a full fledged hobby when he started gaining a following for his photography tutorials. In this episode, Brian shares his perspective on the creator landscape and how it’s helping brands become more human. He gives us a behind the scenes look at how he gained his TikTok following, his perspective on how brands can take advantage of a creator’s approach, and the importance of having a voice.

Key Takeaways:

  • How has the rise of influencer marketing impacted brands? Brian shares how his role in the marketing world has been impacted by the shifting social landscape.

  • We learn the tools and tactics that Brian uses to create his most successful TikTok content.

  • We discuss how B2B brands can take advantage of an authentic creator approach.

  • Brian shares his thoughts on TikTok's most notable creators.