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Brianna Huynh

Agency Fifty3 x Brianna Huynh: Experiential marketing and brand development

Episode Summary

How do you build a brand? There are tactical, strategic and even philosophical questions that come into play when answering a question like this. Arguably every brand is working to elicit an emotional response and a cognitive attachment with its audience. But the avenues to do so are wide-ranging. In this episode, we dig in with Agency Fifty3’s creative director, Brianna Huynh by discussing her passion: experiential marketing and the power it has to shape opinions and move the needle. 

Key Takeaways:

  • How do you bring a brand to life? Bri walks us through experiential marketing and what this means for brands to create brand loyalty and recall. 

  • Personalization vs Individualization. We’ll discuss what the difference is and what it means for your target audience. 

  • Expectations from consumers have changed. Brands can no longer stand by and be silent. But what does this truly mean?