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Chelsea Ennis

Industry Dive x Chelsea Ennis: Scaling Impactful Design

Episode Summary

This one’s for all the creatives and marketers out there who’ve ever had people think that all they do is “arts and crafts.” As we know, it’s so much more. Design departments can no longer be underestimated as they touch nearly every aspect of a business. As brand touch points continue to multiply exponentially, each moment needs to be thought through on a visual and emotional level. Industry Dive’s creative director, Chelsea Ennis, has helped grow the design department to prove, with no uncertainty, how valuable creative output can really be. In this episode, we talk with Chelsea about what it took to scale the design department, prove that it was worth the effort, and how she led her fast-growing team throughout the process. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Design teams are most effective when they’re involved in a project from the beginning - not just as the last step of the process

  • Design proves its value in dollars, not just in pretty things

  • How to lead a team through chaos: The more you give to your team the more they’ll be motivated to produce better work

  • Lessons on fueling your mental strength by training outside of work