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Chelsea Pyne

GoodRx x Chelsea Pyne: Balancing Art and Design

Episode Summary

Even if you don’t believe in kismet, it’s tough to deny that Chelsea Pyne was destined to be creative from the moment her graphic designer dad put her baby picture on the cover of his company’s software packaging. After a close call as a music producer, Chelsea landed her dream job at renowned media and production company SoulPancake, after which she went on to become senior visual designer for GoodRx. In this episode of the podcast, Chelsea shares her thoughts on the differences between art and design and why it’s not only possible but also essential to balance the two. From making “angsty” pop band posters in junior high to navigating mental health challenges mid-career, Chelsea chats about all the ways her feelings have impacted her creativity and vice versa. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • We talk about what it’s like to navigate the creative world as an outspoken woman. 

  • Ever wonder how mental health impacts creativity? Chelsea opens up about her journey to becoming a more productive designer.

  • We learn about Chelsea’s fun creative side project — prepare to be hungry!

  • Chelsea discusses her affinity for mission-driven companies and her most meaningful projects to date.