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Christian Brown

Glewee x Christian Brown: Harnessing the Creator Economy

Episode Summary

Influencer marketing may still be a mystery to many, but lucky for brands and creators alike, Christian Brown has cracked the case — and he’s sharing everything he knows on this episode of the pod. Tune in as the Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient discusses his journey from traveling the world, sleeping on friends’ floors, and helping them monetize their social media followings to co-founding Glewee, a successful end-to-end creator marketing platform. From navigating clients’ generational differences to leveraging Agile product development processes, Christian talks about what it takes to bridge the gap between brands and creators and bring real value to the creator economy. Grab a can of bubbly water (Christian’s OLIPOP obsession is real) and give this episode a listen! 

Key Takeaways: 

  • We go on a “time warp” back to 2016, before influencer marketing was a twinkle in Mark Zuckerberg’s eye.

  • Which brands do influencer marketing really well? Christian shares his top picks.

  • We learn all about inspiring confidence in and making connections between brands and influencers. 

  • Christian explains why he would advise his younger self to “keep going crazy.”