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Dan Meth

Twofish x Dan Meth: Infusing Creativity with Humor

Episode Summary

Most marketers and creatives work their entire lives in hopes of “going viral,” but for Senior Art Director Dan Meth, the phenomenon has become strangely familiar. So what’s his secret? As he puts it in this episode of the pod, “It’s fun or nothing.” After his first post-college gig creating a mural for the notorious Woodstock ‘99 festival, Dan turned his love of cartoons into a web animation career working with the likes of Disney, Buzzfeed, and Comedy Central. Along the way, he created some of the most hilarious and beloved online shorts of the early aughts, including Nite Fite, Space Cowboy, and Internet People. Tune into this fun and funny episode to hear Dan’s advice on infusing creativity with humor to connect with the masses.

Key Takeaways: 

  • We discuss the recipe for creating videos that go viral, and how it’s evolved over time.

  • Ever struggle with creativity blockers? Dan reveals his tips for “creative block-knocking.”

  • We chat about the best off-the-wall campaigns from brands like Skittles and Old Spice.

  • Dan shares his experience working on the cutting edge of sponsored content.